Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 01

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 01
Home Of The King
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Simple and Affordable or Elaborate

When it comes to history, not much survives in Las Vegas. The Sands, where Sinatra and the Rat Pack made their magic was demolished years ago. The original Aladdin Hotel, where Elvis and Priscilla exchanged vows was leveled to make room for what is now The Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. So, for a simple Wedding Chapel to stand in the same spot for over 50 years, it's nothing short of amazing.

This Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has become a Las Vegas landmark. It's the home of the original "Elvis" wedding, which has become a Las Vegas tradition. Countless celebrity couples have walked down this aisle. This chapel is a full-service wedding facility offering fresh flowers, Limousine service, on-site photography, and more.

It has a pretty blue roof, beautiful leaded stained-glass windows complimented with mother of pearl and antique white oak pews. It is one of the few free-standing wedding chapels right on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

Built in 1927, the first wedding ceremony was performed in 1947, which is the same year Bugsy Siegel's famous Flamingo Hotel officially reopened for business.

In 1967, Twenty Years after the first wedding was performed in this historic Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley showed up on the doorstep unannounced wanting to come in for a short visit, forever changing the destiny of the chapel.

Jon Bon Jovi, Rob Zombie, Marvin (Meat Loaf) Aday, Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley's Dad), Crystal Bowersox, Allanah Currie and Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins, Roger Glover from Deep Purple, Aaron Neville and Lorenzo Lamas all chose this delightful, picturesque Wedding Chapel for their ceremonies.

This beautiful Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip and accommodates up to Thirty guests.

Chapel Hours:

Everyday from 9:00AM to 11:00PM