Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 07

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 07
The Terrace Gazebo

This beautiful Wedding Chapel combines tradition with sophisticated design to achieve a trait of elegance. Chablis stone frames the tall arched stained glass windows and cover the building’s face. The gable roof is finished with earth-toned tiles and has a towering white steeple.

The lobby exudes class and style as you enter through automatic sliding glass doors. With its high ceiling, Italian tiles and “infinity” glass waterfall you’ll enjoy a relaxed professional environment as you walk through the most important day of your lives.

The Terrace Gazebo:
From the lobby you’ll venture up the staircase to the second level where you’re guided outdoors to the gorgeous Terrace Patio. The Terrace has stonewalls on two sides that highlight the gorgeous stained glass windows, flagstone flooring, greenery with a natural feel and of course the incredible sunset view. This location is unique and perfect for an intimate outdoor Gazebo Wedding in Las Vegas.

Chapel Hours:

Sunday thru Wednesday: 9:00am to 10:30pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 9:00am to Midnight
The Terrace comfortably seats up to Thirty guests.