Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 18

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 18
Details and General Information
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After you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an automated reply in the e-mail letting you know we’ve received your reservation request. Within twenty four hours of the time we receive your order you’ll also receive your confirmation.  We strongly suggest you print the e-mail cover letter and the PDF attachment, read them and bring them with you to Las Vegas.  The confirmation will be your receipt and it will include complete instructions so you’ll know what to do when you arrive in Las Vegas.

Chapel Hours:
Monday thru Thursday: 9:00am to 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas

Chapel 18 accommodates up to Fifteen Guests (Max)

This Las Vegas Wedding Chapel schedules weddings every half hour.

Flower colors include red, white, pink, or yellow.
All other colors add $15.00.

Silk Roses: Replace the Fresh Roses provided as part of your wedding package with Silk Roses for $15.00 by choosing "Silk Flowers" from the "Add Items" tab at the top of the page.

You may bring flowers and the Chapel will still provide the flowers that come with your Wedding Package.

Transportation provided with wedding packages will pick up and drop off on or immediately around the Las Vegas Strip. Off Strip Pick Up can be purchased separately.

Limousines accommodate the two of you plus up to six guests.

Packages that include transportation but not a limousine will provide a luxury vehicle that will accommodate the two of you plus up to one guest.

Personal Photos and Personal Video: You can add the option for guests to take Personal Photography and Personal Video from their seat "during the Ceremony" for $75.00 by going to the "Add Items" tab at the top of this page, choosing "Take Your Own Ceremony Photos and Video" and then adding it to your wedding plan.  This item must be added in order for friends and family to take pictures or shoot video.  Personal photography and video are not permitted during the "Posed" photo session following the Ceremony.

Posed pictures of the Bride and Groom are taken after the Ceremony. This is considered a closed photo session with the Chapel Photographer only. Guests will not be allowed to take pictures and cameras will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Chapel Photos are posted online for up to one year so you can choose the images you would like from the Candid Ceremony images and for your 4 x 6 prints that are included with your package.  You will be able to purchase additional Posed and Ceremony prints of any size if you like.

If the Bride and Groom would like to be kept separated or the Bride and / or Groom would like to get ready at the Chapel, a “First Look” package can be added to their wedding package.  This wedding Chapel does not provide an area for the Bride to slip in to her wedding dress or for the couple to get ready unless they've purchased a "First Look" package in advance.  Please see the "Additional Options" section of the "Additional Items" page to add a "First Look" package or for additional details.

Elvis is a Las Vegas tradition; an Elvis impersonator can be added to any Chapel package for $150.00.  Please see the “Additional Items” Page.

If you purchase an Elvis Wedding package or add Elvis to your wedding or Renewal of Vows Ceremony you’ll be able to choose from the following songs:
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Love Me Tender
It's Now Or Never
Viva Las Vegas
Hawaiian Wedding Song

Internet Broadcasts are Live so be sure your online guests are watching on time and take into consideration any time difference there may be.  Las Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone and three hours behind Eastern Time.

Multiple Couples getting married at the same time will require one couple to purchase a wedding package, the additional couples will pay $75.00 each, which covers chapel fees.  Each additional couple will pay a $60.00 Minister's Fee directly to the Minister following your Ceremony and for any additional flowers.  Photography for each couple is also charged separately.

Back to back Ceremonies for Multiple Couples are treated as separate Ceremonies and each couple purchases their own wedding package.  Times are based on availability so you're encouraged to schedule Back-to-Back Ceremonies as early as possible.

Please have your Marriage License ready when the limousine driver picks you up.  You will be required to present your Marriage License at the time of the wedding. Without the marriage license, the minister will not perform the ceremony.  If you arrive without your Marriage License you will need to reschedule to the Chapel’s next available time and may be charged additional fees.

If you will be Renewing Your Vows you can choose from any of the available packages.  You do not need a new marriage license or have to bring your original.

It’s okay to bring your own music as long as you bring it on a CD and the CD plays in a standard CD player.  iPod or other devices will not play through this chapel’s system.

Bring your own minister - $100.00
If you would like to bring your own Minister and your Minister is licensed in the State of Nevada or has obtained a temporary license through the Marriage License bureau, the Minister will be required to provide a certificate prior to the ceremony to confirm they are ordained.  The Chapel Minister will not perform the ceremony but will still be involved with the ceremony activities and will file the paperwork with the county for the Chapel.  The Minister’s Fee of $60.00 will still apply.

If you would like to bring your own Minister and they are not licensed in the State of Nevada and have not been issued a temporary license by the Marriage License Bureau, the Chapel Minister will perform a quick legal ceremony behind the scenes prior to the symbolic ceremony, which will be performed by your Minister in the Chapel.  The Minister’s Fee of $60.00 will still apply and the Chapel Minister will file the paperwork with the county.

Spanish Speaking Minister - $100.00
Minister’s Fee included and must be scheduled in advance.

All weddings can be performed as civil or religious ceremonies.  Religious Ceremonies can be traditional with the mention of God and the use of prayer or nondenominational with the mention of God in a way acceptable to any faith.  Civil Ceremonies generally exclude religion.

The Chapel will provide the minister but the minister's fee is not included in the package prices.  The minister fee of $60.00 should be given directly to the minister following the ceremony.

The suggested gratuity for the Limousine Driver is $40.00 and should be given directly to your limousine driver upon return to your hotel.